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The best mechanical exfoliator

One of the brightest ideas to come out of Mzansi, the affectionate name of South Africa, was using old fruit sacks to scrub those hard to reach places. We’ve perfected this little gem of an idea to give you a taste of our local ingenuity.

Exfoliation is the body’s natural process of constantly getting rid of the outer layer of dead skin cells, while creating new cells underneath. The body sheds millions of dead cells every minute. Ideally, these cells would all fall off and the next layer of skin would take centre stage. Unfortunately, the dead cells do not always fall off when they should with the result that the pores get blocked with debris, sebum and trapped bacteria. Assisting this natural exfoliation process is a crucial step in skin care because it gets rid of dead skin cells, dirt and toxins, which clog the pores. Clogged pores cause a variety of conditions.

There are several modes of exfoliation. These include enzymes, masks, peeling creams, scrubs, fruit acids (alpha hydroxyl acids), vitamin A or micro-dermabrasion. Mechanical exfoliants like Mzansi Body Scrubber physically remove the cells from the surface of the skin. The advantage of scrubbing as an exfoliation method is that additionally improves blood circulation. It also not only refines the texture of the skin and stimulates cell renewal but provides the additional benefit of leaving the skin ideally prepared for subsequent moisturising or revitalising treatments. Regular exfoliation on the surface of the skin encourages new cell generation, causing the skin to thicken, thus diminishing visible signs of ageing. It also improves the health of the skin, not only returning its vitality and glow, but making it smooth and soft.



  • Wet Loofah
  • Lather with soap or shower gel
  • Use loofah to clean your body
  • Use it for a deep-cleaning
  • Rinse after use
  • Shake off excess water



Enjoy your Mzansi Body Scrubber in the bath, shower or even your local watering hole!

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